DO Admissions Predictor

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The Med School DO Predictor is located below and calculates your admissions chances at 29 DO programs in the United States of America. If you’re in a rush to get your predictions, it’s okay to skip reading the text below, although reading the material below will be instructive.

The Predictor is free and no registration is required. Your MCAT scores, undergraduate GPA, state of legal residence, and underrepresented minority status that you enter into the Predictor are not stored on our servers.

Please note that Predictor is still in beta release at this time, and adjustments to the prediction algorithms will be made in the upcoming months. If you are a medical school official and predictions are not available for your medical school, please contact us, and we can work together on adding your medical school to our prediction engine. Please note that medical school officials must obtain a term-limited professional license from Real World Machine LLC to access and use Med School Predictor per our Terms of Use.

The Predictor work by taking into account your information and full-time admissions data of matriculated applicants at each medical school, including the overall acceptance rate, in-state applicant acceptance rate (if applicable), underrepresented minority student population, average undergraduate GPA, and average MCAT scores.

“USNWR” stands for “U.S. News & World Report” (which is not affiliated with Real World Machine LLC). School are organized alphabetically. Hyperlinks for the school name link to each school’s admissions page or main medical school page. Data is current from the 2009-10 admissions cycle.

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Remember: Med School Predictor cannot and does not guarantee actual outcomes.